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Wellness Through Manipulation and Laser

Structural and Functional Therapy

Dr. Michael Whitley,  a well known community chiropractor, is part of our staff. Dr. Mike Whitley has been  an owner and chiropractor of Wellness First Physiotherapy and Chiropractic for over 18 years.  His background education is extensive with many degrees and certificates.  After receiving a neuroscience specialist and teaching degree with OTC Certificate, he taught full time Science and Physical Education at the High School level for 3 years. He then pursued his love for health and wellness. He graduated  after 4 years at the Chiropractic  College in Toronto in 1998 and received 6 additional years of training in Canada and the U.S. in spinal rehab, sports injury, pediatrics, pregnancy, acupuncture, modalities and natural medicine.


He always keeps his Continued Education up to date and loves to study the latest research on Chiropractic Care and Wellness.

Dr. Mike’s first passion is his family. He has Grace (15yr), Ben (13yr), Owen (11yr) and his beautiful wife Nancy who is a teacher. Outside his professional activities, Dr. Mike spends his time in various hobbies and sports with his family.


However, his second passion is his practice and providing his patients with a proven comprehensive and personalized program of care. He also has performed numerous Wellness Talks to companies and organizations throughout the GTA. He also does regular clinical  presentations on a variety of health topics. His additional time is spent on his study of top healing therapies in a pursuit to give his patients the best care, especially the latest on natural healing medicine.  So if you are interested in healing the natural way, he is the best choice.   He is also currently writing a book titled “Top Healing Therapies”.