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3190 Steeles Avenue East #100 Markham, Ontario

416 754-3893

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With over 30 years experience dealing with a myriad of conditions and injuries that people suffer through in their daily walk through life, we are well positioned to help you to get back to your favorite past time or job or just regular experiences in life pain free.  From sport injuries from impact collisions  to occupational repetitive stress and strain injuries sitting at the computer desk too long, we have seen them all.   So many people have suffered from common ankle, knee sprains and strains from poor foot control and/or correctable foot misalignment ; neck and low back or shoulder strains from muscle imbalance you are not even aware of or improper lifting postures. Many have also suffered from headaches and migraines from excess neck and midback tension without knowing how to get lasting relief. Medication may help but not get to the root of the problem.  If  you see yourself in these or similar situations,  just realize we can help!

Hope Gives You Strength

Hello, My name is Robert Hum and I am the Clinical Director of the Physiosport Therapy Clinic. If you have read this far, then we both know, you need help to get back to your game, whatever that may be. Our commitment to you is  that we will do our best to get you back to enjoying your life again. So don't wait, give us a call or text at (416)754-3893.